Tormach Introduces Its New 8L Lathe

Tormach Inc.该行业领先的经济实惠和紧凑的CNC机器供应商已宣布最新机器,8L车床。

这款新的8L车床是一款具有重要功能的小型机器,能够在各种空间中填补转动需求。刚性足以切割任何东西,无论是塑料,不锈钢均匀的钛,这款机器都可以处理它,并以易读的价格点。为带有尾座和完全组装的机箱的基本机器开始为6,595美元,这是一个8L车床豪华包装,具有众多功能,包括一架坚固的机器支架,带有整体冷却罐,独立的芯片抽屉,便于拆卸,存储抽屉和可选的侧搁架,以及可选的侧面搁架,以及PathPilot控制器,工具架/工具套件,监视器,键盘,鼠标等仅需8,875美元。并且完全加载的8L Build在10万美元低于10亿美元。

“我们很高兴向市场推出这个新的车床,”Tormach的产品工程师Cory Bailey说。“Tormach成立于将成本效益和能干的数控设备带到市场上的想法,这为用户提供了面部,转动,钻孔,沟槽和螺纹所需的一切。我们没有其他机器,以如此实惠的价格提供如此先进的软件和功能。“


Like all Tormach CNC machines, the 8L lathe will be controlled by the PathPilot software system. That means users can use intuitive conversational lathe programming, do rigid tapping, and leverage built-in Dropbox™ support for transferring programs. PathPilot and PathPilot HUB has been known to be incredibly powerful for both beginner CNCers, as well as veteran machinists and educators.


The new 8L is unique, not just among other Tormach machines, but also in the general machine tool market, because it offers a 1.5 HP (1.11 kW) spindle that runs at 180-5000 RPM. It already comes with the machine in a fully assembled enclosure as part of the base model, but the footprint remains small (26in. x 50 in.), and the lathe itself is attached to a hand-scraped 140-pound cast base. Like all Tormach machine tools, the 8L runs on standard single-phase household power (115 Vac, 50/60 Hz, and a 15 A breaker).

With a 5C spindle, the 8L can accommodate parts up to 1 in. or use a 3- or 4-jaw chuck, providing a swing of up to 8”. And, the stepper motors on the X and Z axes provide a feed rate of 150 IPM (3.8 m/min).

Travels on the 8L are impressive for its compact size. The maximum workpiece length is 10” with the tailstock. The X-axis travel is 4.5”, so users can accommodate a part that fully utilizes the 8”摇摆。



Tormach Inc.位于威斯康星州威斯康辛州的Waunakee,致力于以尽可能低的成本提供专注的产品,技术支持和客户服务。我们的重点是帮助我们的客户通过提供工具和资源来帮助CNC的目标来帮助将概念转换为真实产品。



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