Allied Machine Launches New Large-Diameter Boring Tool – VolCut

Allied Machine and Engineeringannounces the release of the Wohlhaupter VolCut insert holder, an expansion to their boring line. The rough boring system is engineered to remove large volumes of material at high speeds and light feed rates in just one cut.

VolCut combines the benefits of the modularity of the Wohlhaupter MVS connection with Allied Machine and Engineering’s large diameter holemaking solution. This time-saving combination offers increased material removal and excellent chip control at greater depths for large diameter applications – even on underpowered machines. The VolCut insert holder is stocked for quick delivery with bore diameters ranging from 2.559” – 128.149” (65mm – 3255mm). Its unique design incorporates serrations designated to connect seamlessly with Wohlhaupter’s Twin Cutter and AluLine boring systems.


Natalie Wise, USA product manager of the Wohlhaupter boring line, states, “The VolCut insert holders provide a rough boring solution unmatched by other rough boring competitors. The ability to utilize the VolCut insert holders with your existing standard Wohlhaupter modular tooling provides the additional range needed to vastly improve your rough machining operations.”

The VolCut insert holders and indexable inserts are available to order from Allied Machine and Engineering’s distributor partners.

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About Allied Machine & Engineering:

Allied Machine&Engineering是一家领先的小型制造商的小型制造商和整理工具系统。Allied致力于其先进的工程和制造能力,为世界各地的金属切割行业提供最广泛的增值工具。我们的工具解决方案在各种钻孔,铰孔,穿线,镗孔和抛光应用中提供最低的每孔。

Located in Dover, Ohio, Allied’s precision holemaking technologies provide end users worldwide with the highest level of drill performance. Precision engineering and expert application support make Allied the first and best choice for solving complex metal-cutting challenges.

About Wohlhaupter Gmbh:

Established in 1929, Wohlhaupter continues to manufacture the widest range of precision boring tools and systems available in the marketplace and has been the consistent leader in technological innovations for improving precision boring operations.

In 2016 Allied Machine and Engineering purchased the majority shares of Wohlhaupter. Together, Allied Machine and Engineering and Wohlhaupter provide precision engineering and expert application support to provide cost-effective holemaking and finishing solutions for today’s manufacturers worldwide.

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